Production Facilities

Mariner’s main production facility is located in Tuzla, Istanbul; at the heart of Turkey’s shipbuilding industry. The mild temperatures of the region provide a suitable environment for year round production. The Class Society Surveyors visiting shipyards, also stop by Mariner’s facilities often, contributing to Mariner’s high quality standards.

All production, controls and testing are done according to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards within Mariner’s fully covered facilities. The factory is fully equipped with Mariner’s own heavy machineries for the specific purpose of producing its own products. SA 2,5 shot blasted and primary painted steel material is used for all fabrications. Both during and after production, all goods are tested and certified by Mariner’s in-house Quality Control Department and various Class Society Surveyors.

Due to size and shipment restrictions/preferences, hatch covers are usually produced on sight by the shipyard building the vessel, however, all critical components are produced and provided by Mariner and all production controls are carried out on sight by Mariner engineers and all final products are certified by the pre-designated Class Society.

Hatch Covers

Deck Machinery

Rudder Systems


Steering Gear

Ro-Ro Ferry Equipments

Fishing and Offshore